Advisory ID
Betroffene Versionen
2006.0 i586 , 2006.0 x86_64


A number of vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in the Linux
2.6 kernel:

The kernel did not clear sockaddr_in.sin_zero before returning IPv4
socket names for the getsockopt function, which could allow a local
user to obtain portions of potentially sensitive memory if getsockopt()
is called with SO_ORIGINAL_DST (CVE-2006-1343).

Prior to 2.6.16, a buffer overflow in the USB Gadget RNDIS
implementation could allow a remote attacker to cause a Denial of
Service via a remote NDIS response (CVE-2006-1368).

Prior to 2.6.13, local users could cause a Denial of Service (crash)
via a dio transfer from the sg driver to memory mapped IO space

Prior to and including 2.6.16, the kernel did not add the appropriate
LSM file_permission hooks to the readv and writev functions, which
could allow an attacker to bypass intended access restrictions

Prior to, a buffer oveflow in SCTP could allow a remote
attacker to cause a DoS (crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code
via a malformed HB-ACK chunk (CVE-2006-1857).

Prior to, SCTP could allow a remote attacker to cause a DoS
(crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code via a chunk length that is
inconsistent with the actual length of provided parameters

Prior to, a memory leak in fs/locks.c could allow an attacker
to cause a DoS (memory consumption) via unspecified actions

Prior to, lease_init in fs/locks.c could allow an attacker to
cause a DoS (fcntl_setlease lockup) via certain actions (CVE-2006-1860).

Prior to 2.6.17, SCTP allowed remote attackers to cause a DoS (infinite
recursion and crash) via a packet that contains two or more DATA
fragments (CVE-2006-2274).

Prior to, a race condition in run_posix_cpu timers could allow
a local user to cause a DoS (BUG_ON crash) by causing one CPU to attach
a timer to a process that is exiting (CVE-2006-2445).

Prior to, xt_sctp in netfilter could allow an attacker to cause
a DoS (infinite loop) via an SCTP chunk with a 0 length (CVE-2006-3085).

As well, an issue where IPC could hit an unmapped vmalloc page when
near the page boundary has been corrected.

In addition to these security fixes, other fixes have been included
such as:

- avoid automatic update of kernel-source without updating the kernel
- fix USB EHCI handoff code, which made some machines hang while
- disable USB_BANDWIDTH which corrects a known problem in some USB
sound devices
- fix a bluetooth refcounting bug which could hang the machine
- fix a NULL pointer dereference in USB-Serial's serial_open()
- add missing wakeup in pl2303 TIOCMIWAIT handling
- fix a possible user-after-free in USB-Serial core
- suspend/resume fixes
- HPET timer fixes
- prevent fixed button event to reach userspace on S3 resume
- add sysfs support in ide-tape
- fix ASUS P5S800 reboot

Finally, a new drbd-utils package is provided that is a required
upgrade with this new kernel due to a logic bug in the previously
shipped version of drbd-utils that could cause a kernel panic on
the master when a slave went offline.

The provided packages are patched to fix these vulnerabilities. All
users are encouraged to upgrade to these updated kernels.

To update your kernel, please follow the directions located at:

Aktualisierte Pakete

2006.0 i586

 6deeff1b4604a7423cd0836bb47cf22c  2006.0/RPMS/drbd-utils-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.i586.rpm
 e0a9422ea0372348d0e7f9bf643321dd  2006.0/RPMS/drbd-utils-heartbeat-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.i586.rpm
 1f31130ae26f66e224148bcb0afa3b82  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-
 c257931ad599d5c3a59a3f5c5444496e  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-BOOT-
 5212cd3d7c4dcc8da030fc20bdeecd29  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-i586-up-1GB-
 b8a96e33ad5df3198c60f7302c695a1f  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-i686-up-4GB-
 ffb0b1c7e4919b28b89d7636b3d27c52  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-smp-
 e5caf57af026af95b40151e31206c512  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-
 27d1b92bd2cb4ca83c543888e4897288  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-stripped-
 3dae8ba1445aac17ddcba810a1b6d4b3  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xbox-
 94ec749ac32122a16d3af409ee55f257  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xen0-
 867f834703a5699000beffc31de57de4  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xenU-
 291c47123a499c37d927cc18906eef93  2006.0/SRPMS/drbd-utils-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.src.rpm
 008cf4d555bc98e67b6bb04a1a7fdfd8  2006.0/SRPMS/kernel-

2006.0 x86_64

 2665fcbebbbc1b8d3b111e4175b69ca5  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/drbd-utils-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.x86_64.rpm
 2b44612405e4424d7775f4c6ce20df6a  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/drbd-utils-heartbeat-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.x86_64.rpm
 79a0d55afacadebc94f81b14d21f1a5c  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-
 2fa6c0023710d65de429dd6d0e759817  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-BOOT-
 de9bef05e34a3e539bcb1aceb8c713bc  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-smp-
 ffa4baaa5a96eb88e0655559da2622f7  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-
 6b5b62941bf2c34a975b9aaf1a9efa1f  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-stripped-
 291c47123a499c37d927cc18906eef93  x86_64/2006.0/SRPMS/drbd-utils-0.7.19-2.1.20060mdk.src.rpm
 008cf4d555bc98e67b6bb04a1a7fdfd8  x86_64/2006.0/SRPMS/kernel-