Advisory ID
Betroffene Versionen
2007.0 x86_64 , 2007.0 i586


Some vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in the Linux 2.6

The isdn_ppp_ccp_reset_alloc_state function in drivers/isdn/isdn_ppp.c
in the Linux 2.4 kernel before 2.4.34-rc4, as well as the 2.6 kernel,
does not call the init_timer function for the ISDN PPP CCP reset state
timer, which has unknown attack vectors and results in a system crash.

The listxattr syscall can corrupt user space under certain
circumstances. The problem seems to be related to signed/unsigned
conversion during size promotion. (CVE-2006-5753)

The ext3fs_dirhash function in Linux kernel 2.6.x allows local users to
cause a denial of service (crash) via an ext3 stream with malformed
data structures. (CVE-2006-6053)

The mincore function in the Linux kernel before, as well as
the 2.6 kernel, does not properly lock access to user space, which has
unspecified impact and attack vectors, possibly related to a deadlock.

The provided packages are patched to fix these vulnerabilities. All
users are encouraged to upgrade to these updated kernels immediately
and reboot to effect the fixes.

In addition to these security fixes, other fixes have been included
such as:

- Add Ralink RT2571W/RT2671 WLAN USB support (rt73 module) - Fix
sys_msync() to report -ENOMEM as before when an unmapped area falls
within its range, and not to overshoot (LSB regression) - Avoid disk
sector_t overflow for >2TB ext3 filesystem - USB: workaround to fix HP
scanners detection (#26728) - USB: unusual_devs.h for Sony floppy
(#28378) - Add preliminary ICH9 support - Add TI sd card reader
support - Add RT61 driver - KVM update - Fix bttv vbi offset

To update your kernel, please follow the directions located at:

Aktualisierte Pakete

2007.0 x86_64

 8228636d0969cdb0de42baeab61ece09  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-
 935eb44188aa2784386dd8bcc93dfd78  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-doc-
 9abb549acacc17385051ceebcb3331fe  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-source-
 7e3667b9f28f3214669f831955ef059d  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-source-stripped-
 648ae5f919580ce2df42f6a522aba7c9  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-xen0-
 0ad1d27a9232f5f7cf8ae218bef5a618  2007.0/x86_64/kernel-xenU- 
 2cfb0d90ab5aea99bacf8a721552554b  2007.0/SRPMS/kernel-

2007.0 i586

 ad34fe5a73feafdd8e69b504ebf93946  2007.0/i586/kernel-
 d9e55a7e4f1008da15c67d1287956969  2007.0/i586/kernel-doc-
 a9c50df979df9e3689873978436bd16f  2007.0/i586/kernel-enterprise-
 f533abc7ea70bd3faaa9e6b28a99ab28  2007.0/i586/kernel-legacy-
 b8ff79d0ab16056f2d254e9d679984f7  2007.0/i586/kernel-source-
 850dbb1496700b2f93ef37e4540164cc  2007.0/i586/kernel-source-stripped-
 6e5109401747d368e768bb7ccce1c6e3  2007.0/i586/kernel-xen0-
 0982fc7135735d78b4805c2af67ffe19  2007.0/i586/kernel-xenU- 
 2cfb0d90ab5aea99bacf8a721552554b  2007.0/SRPMS/kernel-