Advisory ID
Betroffene Versionen
2008.0 i586 , 2008.0 x86_64


Multiple security vulnerabilities has been identified and fixed in
apr and apr-util:

Multiple integer overflows in the Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
library and the Apache Portable Utility library (aka APR-util)
0.9.x and 1.3.x allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service
(application crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via vectors that
trigger crafted calls to the (1) allocator_alloc or (2) apr_palloc
function in memory/unix/apr_pools.c in APR; or crafted calls to
the (3) apr_rmm_malloc, (4) apr_rmm_calloc, or (5) apr_rmm_realloc
function in misc/apr_rmm.c in APR-util; leading to buffer overflows.
NOTE: some of these details are obtained from third party information

The apr_strmatch_precompile function in strmatch/apr_strmatch.c in
Apache APR-util before 1.3.5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial
of service (daemon crash) via crafted input involving (1) a .htaccess
file used with the Apache HTTP Server, (2) the SVNMasterURI directive
in the mod_dav_svn module in the Apache HTTP Server, (3) the mod_apreq2
module for the Apache HTTP Server, or (4) an application that uses
the libapreq2 library, related to an underflow flaw. (CVE-2009-0023).

The expat XML parser in the apr_xml_* interface in xml/apr_xml.c in
Apache APR-util before 1.3.7, as used in the mod_dav and mod_dav_svn
modules in the Apache HTTP Server, allows remote attackers to
cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via a crafted XML
document containing a large number of nested entity references, as
demonstrated by a PROPFIND request, a similar issue to CVE-2003-1564

Off-by-one error in the apr_brigade_vprintf function in Apache APR-util
before 1.3.5 on big-endian platforms allows remote attackers to obtain
sensitive information or cause a denial of service (application crash)
via crafted input (CVE-2009-1956).

Packages for 2008.0 are provided for Corporate Desktop 2008.0 customers

The updated packages have been patched to prevent this.

Aktualisierte Pakete

2008.0 i586

 d55d5dd456de0c7977f93bff217406d7  2008.0/i586/apr-util-dbd-mysql-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 bd02eb2233dcc07aadd7e5eb84df9ce8  2008.0/i586/apr-util-dbd-pgsql-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 334e127fb8ac03379c8a5f2ee7c144b6  2008.0/i586/apr-util-dbd-sqlite3-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 4307983fb3d21ab0f9955711e116f92e  2008.0/i586/libapr1-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 ff24f1e1587f2210346ea134d4a2053e  2008.0/i586/libapr-devel-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 3d50a85109e011ced9e36f1565e9bc69  2008.0/i586/libapr-util1-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 b786e2329fc63d459b841bf001261543  2008.0/i586/libapr-util-devel-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm 
 6ef7669ea3d0db3dbaed35f35ae2dbdc  2008.0/SRPMS/apr-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm
 1a923fc9c2f912ef339b942a59bff4e6  2008.0/SRPMS/apr-util-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm

2008.0 x86_64

 91588bbcf3940cd106b0fe458be6d4b9  2008.0/x86_64/apr-util-dbd-mysql-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 b71d8b14cc536cf8a2448b353d2b4047  2008.0/x86_64/apr-util-dbd-pgsql-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 10b889bb625dbae01711ed7e8e101744  2008.0/x86_64/apr-util-dbd-sqlite3-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 068334fc392c68f9b29e629dd3776f83  2008.0/x86_64/lib64apr1-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 a9ed011d8b421e8604e66a87a4972477  2008.0/x86_64/lib64apr-devel-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 c08da53c4c88464249f46c6577f3c2a8  2008.0/x86_64/lib64apr-util1-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 4b1b86a3e07f4b87a1a53f0dbaaa3aff  2008.0/x86_64/lib64apr-util-devel-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm 
 6ef7669ea3d0db3dbaed35f35ae2dbdc  2008.0/SRPMS/apr-1.2.11-1.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm
 1a923fc9c2f912ef339b942a59bff4e6  2008.0/SRPMS/apr-util-1.2.10-1.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm