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Betroffene Versionen
2008.1 x86_64 , 2008.1 i586


Automatic mirror geolocation in drakxtools-backend in Mandriva
Linux 2008.1 would fail for some locales, because it uses backward
compatibility timezone names for which there were no entries
in timezone (bug #40184), this makes software like urpmi to not select
optimal mirrors in its automatic media/mirrors addition mode.

This update makes timezone provide backward timezone name entries in file to solve this issue.

Additionaly, updated timezone packages are being provided for older
Mandriva Linux systems that do not contain the new Daylight Savings
Time information for 2008 and later for certain time zones.


The previous timezone update for Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring triggered
a bug in gnome-panel, making it immediately crash when the Gnome
session was started. This new update works around the gnome-panel bug.

Aktualisierte Pakete

2008.1 x86_64

 4bc34bc3e1ce08d6159b6e6b131f783d  2008.1/x86_64/timezone-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.x86_64.rpm
 a5de2633a311f4a81ab8f80c6b53abda  2008.1/x86_64/timezone-java-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.x86_64.rpm 
 912996536b65f39da835f5dc2cd4e5a1  2008.1/SRPMS/timezone-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.src.rpm

2008.1 i586

 cc94a702f21b56a5e53d7a3ec5bfb7c3  2008.1/i586/timezone-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.i586.rpm
 5bfe1b31dde5ef07ad00859970a3c4f0  2008.1/i586/timezone-java-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.i586.rpm 
 912996536b65f39da835f5dc2cd4e5a1  2008.1/SRPMS/timezone-2008c-1.5mdv2008.1.src.rpm