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Betroffene Versionen
2009.0 x86_64 , 2009.0 i586


This update several minor issues with Mandriva Network tools

- drakroam would crash if no wireless interface is present on the

- Cancel button of Interactive Firewall configuration screen of
drakfirewall was not handled correctly (bug #46256)

- Interactive Firewall settings were not applied immediately after
changing firewall configuration (bug #47370)

- Unicode dates were not displayed correctly in drakids (bug #39914)

- Network interface name was not displayed in drakconnect, leading
to confusion when several identical cards are present in the system
(bug #45881)

- When guessing DNS and GW addresses for static address connections,
the guessed IPs were different (bug #7041)

- Network monitor would display negative traffic amount when
transferring over 4GB of data (bug #46398)

- Custom MTU values were not preserved when changing network
configuration using drakconnect (bug #45969)

- The excessive number of failed connection attempts to ADSL networks
could lead to extremely long boot times (bug #28087).

Aktualisierte Pakete

2009.0 x86_64

 5f9f1254d5ede449a6ed1d7352233c7b  2009.0/x86_64/drakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm
 43c134d2b896198099dbe820f86fe2c7  2009.0/x86_64/drakx-net-text-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm
 3b9d5957578067a3caeff9ac19a2768c  2009.0/x86_64/libdrakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 4abe781ddb8c186e577fae97547a14e3  2009.0/SRPMS/drakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm

2009.0 i586

 fe30edca37dc0019169496488adbd553  2009.0/i586/drakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm
 09418d85400e11ddee4cbb35051482d3  2009.0/i586/drakx-net-text-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm
 6baa38421ea2a64e35535cbd32bc3f4f  2009.0/i586/libdrakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 4abe781ddb8c186e577fae97547a14e3  2009.0/SRPMS/drakx-net-0.54.4-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm