Our products

Mandriva Class

Mandriva Class enables the sharing of almost any kind of educational content over the network in a very easy and affordable way.


Pulse 3.0

Pulse is an IT infrastructure management system quick to install.


eVA Cloud Management Solution

Mandriva MBS eVA, the simple, cost effective and ready-to-use cloud management solution.



Mandriva support programs for businesses

Mandriva provides technical support level 1, 2 and 3, which covers the installation of Linux distributions and software, configuration, performance improvement, maintenance and software technology watch.



R&D plays an essential part in Mandriva S.A's business operations.

At Mandriva, we define innovation as anything that breaks with the past and creates value, as perceived by customers, in terms of processes, organizational models, technical solutions or the way we do business. Innovation may change the business, or it may spawn new generations of products, but it always needs to be visible in the marketplace. Because you can't just decide to be an innovator – you need to be recognized as one by your customers and partners.