Mandriva provides a number of mailing lists to the Mandriva Linux community to facilitate communication and development between users and developers.

Some of these mailing lists are archived on , and some are archived on MARC .
Since the beginning of 2002, Mandriva has provided their own archives of all of the mailing lists, which are available here.

Support lists

You may check the support page as well.
Please note that these lists are provided as a facility to the community by Mandriva and do not represent or contain any official Mandriva statement or position.


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Mandriva Linux lists

Developers: cooker , bugteam , bugs , cooker-i18n , changelog , kernel-discuss , maintainers

Assembly: mugs

Security lists

security-announce , security-discuss

Mandriva Directory Server lists

mds-users , mds-announce , mds-checkins , mds-devel , mds-i18n , mds-tickets

Mandriva Pulse lists

pulse2-users , pulse2-i18n

Other lists

web-discuss , web-qa

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