Mandriva adds Cloud Management Solution MBS eVA to its product portfolio

Paris, 28 August, 2014- Mandriva SA today announced its entry in Cloud services, by adding Mandriva MBS eVA the cloud management solution to its current product portfolio of enterprise solutions and is commercially available starting today.

Mandriva has partnered with Siveo the French company that developed MBS eVA a cloud management software that comes with Mandriva’s Business Server as a ready-to-use solution targeted to organizations of all sizes.

The solution packaged with MBS that serves as a platform for management of hypervisors and Vms, will simplify management of both public and private cloud.

Mandriva MBS eVA’s unique advantage in the cloud virualisation market is its capacity to enable users to manage any given hypervisor in the market that is running on a public or private cloud environment with an easy to use interface for all Vms.

« Mandriva ties up with Siveo, the french cloud specialist in order to bring the first ready to run cloud management solution to the market. This solution enforces the total digital independence of its customers and provides the tools required to setup the virtualization infrastructure, manage the underlying business processes and corresponding reporting in one single platform, no matter what hypervisor(s) are used. MBS eVA is the only platform able to manage all the leading hypervisors on the market, without any exception, at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions." said Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO, Mandriva SA.

The product Mandriva MBSeVA provides a real solution for companies wishing to establish public or private Cloud, with quantifiable tragets to reduce their costs and simplify management of their infrastructure. For SIVEO, the parternship with Mandriva, a recognized player in the infrastructure market, will enhance its reputation and visibility. The partnership will contribute to eVA and simplify its cloud management solution regardless of the complexity of the platforms on which it deploys. For Mandriva and SIVEO, its is a constant search to develop solutions that are both secure and easy to use in an increasingly complex environment.” said Guillaume Lassare, CEO, Siveo.

About Siveo

Founded in 2008, Siveo is a french software company specializing in cloud computing. Having won numerous awards between 2009 and 2011, such as:
Siveo is the first French company referenced Intel Cloud Builder initiative and is a member of AFDEL (French Software Publishers Association) and ADEN (Association for the Development of the Digital Economy).

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