Unique Market Offering Combines Best-in-Breed Service and Systems Management with Deep Industry Expertise

Paris, France– December 10, 2014 – Mandriva SA an Open Source easy to use enterprise and server solutions editor and IronTouch a leading provider of business solutions in service and systems management, today announced a strategic partnership targeting small to medium sized companies helping them to transform their customer engagement processes and boost profitability.

The partnership creates a unique market offering—IronSuite an all-inclusive suite of software applications that enables businesses to manage their IT assets, their users and their processes in a single unified platform. Combining service desk, systems management, asset management, license management, patch management, software deployment, remote control and automatic password reset functions for active directory in a single solution set. Powerful yet simple, the Ironsuite solution delivers best-in-breed capabilities of a market leader in simplified IT asset management with the platform expertise of an innovative industry thought leader.

The two companies formalized the partnership after demonstrating strong synergies between their technologies, resulting from a collaborative approach to solving the needs of medium to large businesses. With IronSuite, companies can now enjoy the rich features of an advanced service management and IT asset management solution, for a much more affordable price. With its Open Source platform, IronSuite makes it easy for any company to implement a flexible and complete service and IT management service within its existing IT infrastructure with minimal interruption and rapid turn-key delivery. Mandriva was chosen as an IT asset management partner by IronTouch after a rigorous vendor evaluation process.

The company ultimately determined that only Mandriva Pulse demonstrated the accuracy, scalability, and flexibility required to meet the challenges of IT professionals, that can be scaled from as little as a few computers on a single site to 100,000+ computers spread over multiple sites with multi-OS’s such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Unix and Linux. Powered by the company’s unique Open Source platform, Pulse brings a level of interoperability and connectivity with an organization's existing infrastructure and platforms that enables an unmatched freedom to adapt the solution to the demands of users. By owning the right to the source code, companies who implement IronSuite can audit, understand and expand it to suit their specific needs. And with near zero vulnerability to viruses, time spent dealing with system administration is greatly reduced.

“The technology is simply breath taking, rapid to implement and its flexibility adds real options to a market that has been long ignored by large vendors. Using open-source has massive advantages and continues to deliver the broadest platform support along with code stability that cannot be matched”, says Deep Birring, CTO of Irontouch. “The small to medium business market is dis-advantaged today in its ability to get the flexibility they need in IT asset management, at an affordable price. IronSuite is the answer to that dilemma by giving them the features they need with a return on investment that can be easily justified,” commented Jon Saverton, Global Head of Sales at Irontouch.

“In industry after industry, we’ve helped forward thinking enterprises realize results, achieve new levels of customer service and customer satisfaction, while providing the flexibility they need at a cost that is not prohibitive,” said Gaurav Parakh, VP of international Business Development at Mandriva SA. For more information, join Irontouch and Mandriva on a series of webinars that will be run starting in January, where the two companies will co-present the full spectrum of IronSuite and Mandriva Pulse.

About Mandriva S.A.

Mandriva SA is a French open source software editor providing innovative and easy-to-use enterprise and server solutions. Founded in 1998, the company is head quartered in Paris with development centers in Curitiba, Brazil and in Metz, France. Dedicated to making open source technologies accessible to enterprises, the company offers products and solutions targeting enterprises, government organizations and the education sector.

Mandriva products are available online in multiple languages and sold through direct and indirect channels in many countries around the world.

More information is at : http://www.mandriva.com

More information on IronSuite : http://www.mandriva.com/en/ironsuite/

About Irontouch

Irontouch is an innovative, customer-focused provider of expert services with best in classtechnologies delivering IT systems management and service management solutions. For more than 15 years Irontouch customers have trusted us for our deployment expertise that lower ownership costs and deliver the highest business efficiencies. Committed to delivering value with our unique approach to successfully deploying enterprise solutions into a wide range of customer environments, Irontouch keeps IT stress-free. For more information, please visit www.irontouchms.com.