Launch of MBS2

Mandriva launch the 8th January 2015 a new version of MBS, putting on the market a comprehensive and easy to use OS server.

Mandriva Business Server is a comprehensive and easy to use management solution focused on all size organizations. MBS is a light solution, capable to run with a minimum of hardware resources.
Oriented on the usability, MBS is the server, which follows you daily and guides you in your actions. MBS integrates wizards that make its use simple and clear. With it, the user takes the control of his server and realize his operations intuitively.

From the 8th January 2015 the new version of Mandriva Business Server (MBS) will be available for downloading and will integrate new features: Samba4, for a transparent management of the Windows domain, un new installer for a totally guided installation, and a new web management interface for an optimized comfort of use.

But Mandriva Business Server is also a customable and scalable server, with an adaptative ability to users’ needs, progressive subscriptions regarding the amount of users and services that can be added from the Mandriva ServicePlace.

The new version of MBS has been designed to provide a real customer experience. In addition, Mandriva offers un free full version integrating all features of MBS, for 5 users, available for downloading directely from the Mandriva ServicePlace.

Mandriva Business Server

The new version of Mandriva Business Server has been designed to meet IT service issues:

Services and server: depending on the size and functioning of organizations, the daily management can be a time-consuming activity. With MBS, the activity of computer scientists is facilitated.

  • A new installer: the user is guided and assisted in the installation of the MBS server. He can choose the degree of customization of his settings according to the needs. Through process optimization, installation of MBS is fast.
  • Functionality of adding and editing services enable users to centrally manage users and thus saving valuable time.
  • A new web interface: simple and clear management interface has been improved for an effective daily management. The user immediately is able to identify important elements and remains focused on the most important: his work

Users: MBS offers a complete user management system via:

  • Identities and user accounts: centralized management of identities and MBS of user accounts is the insurance to have full control of his actions on users and a suitable tool to implement the management policy services.
  • Groups and Permissions: they help to define the security policy positions and standardize the management of IT assets. MBS includes samba4 and makes totally transparent for users of client machines the Windows domain management

Network: MBS integrates great features for network management:

  • Creation of the infrastructure required for sharing information or documents.
  • DNS, DHCP, proxy, firewall and routing, all the necessary tools to manage its network.


a. Presentation Mandriva is a French company specialized in publishing open source solutions for professionals. The design of Mandriva products is focused on innovation and ease of use. The company's values are focused on independence, openess, innovation and integrity. Mandriva attaches mission is to help organizations of all sizes to maintain or regain their independence digital.

b. Historical Founded in 1998, Mandriva was knew an immediate success, thanks to its distribution and an innovative approach integrating wizards to guide users. In 2005, Mandriva acquires Lycoris and in 2006 Linbox, a French company specialized in IT infrastructure. Both buybacks allow Mandriva to focus on professional solutions developing its three key products:

  • Pulse: fleet management solution multi-OS and multi-site IT;
  • MBS: OS server focused on ease of use;
  • MBS eVA: private and public cloud management solution.

c. Location Mandriva is headquarted in Paris and belongs one development center in Metz. Headquarter: 12 rue de Vivienne – 75002 Paris. Metz development center: 1 rue Pierre Simon de Laplace – 57070 Metz.

Service and extension

Mandriva products are scalable, thanks to ServicePlace Mandriva, which combines the advantages of a blind and an App Center. You can find on it additional modules, services and product subscriptions.
The experiment on the ServicePlace has been designed to be completely unified, with a complete integration of the buy workflow it in each product
Mandriva ServicePlace is hence a real resources’ center, allowing users to MBS and Pulse, adapt easily their product so that it matches their needs.


During the year 2014 in accordance with its strategy, Mandriva has developed partnerships in Asia, specifically on the Pacific slope with major actors such as QNAP, Abyres or ACA Pacific.

Mandriva also signed in August 2014, a strong technological and commercial partnership with Siveo, who helped to design a completely new product on the Cloud Market: MBS eVA. Indeed, MBS eVA is an innovative solution for private and public cloud management, fully packaged and delivered with MBS. Users will have a complete, easy to install and use to manage VM, whatever hypervisors.

More recently, the company signed two partnerships in China with iSoftStone integrator and telecommunication Link-Net telecom service provider and relies on these partners to expand its business in China, positioning itself well wisely on a growing market.

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