Mandriva MBS eVA, the simple, cost effective
and ready-to-use cloud management solution

A simple and easy to use public and private cloud management solution, Mandriva MBS eVA offers advanced functionalities to manage your organizations VMs, allowing you to provision virtual machines and control any given hypervisor available
on the market.

Discover Mandriva MBS eVA Cloud Management Solution

eVA web interface

Segment your infrastructure to your users / groups

Delegate one or more features to your users / groups

Optimize the cost of filling your infrastructure

Get an overview of your infrastructure

Obtain graphs on every element of infrastructure

Why choose eVA?

Fully integrated “out-of-the-box” solution

No specific development required

Natively compatible with any given hypervisor in the market (open source and proprietary)

Solution that can be used as a public or private Cloud environment

Solution allowing management of internal virtualization infrastructures as well as external Clouds (Hybrid Clouds).

Mandriva MBS eVA comes with unique benefits

1. Enhanced Productivity:
Mandriva eVA Cloud Management Solution comes with a unique advantage of BPM. Your organization's business processes are standardized and automatized resulting in increased compliance bringing you clear productivity gains of over 45%**

2. Guaranteed Data Security:
Your organization's data is stored on your infrastructure, letting you you decide where you'd like to store it.
As a French company, we offer the added advantage of digital independence!

3. Incremental Cost Savings:
Mandriva eVA Cloud Management Solution to begin with costs you 70% lesser than the current market leader. This also comes with guaranteed ROI of at least 50%***right from Y1.

4. Reliable Technical Support:
Mandriva eVA's added advantage also includes a reliable technical support structure consisting of in-house expert technical engineers based in our development centers in Metz, France and Curitiba, Brazil. The annual license entitles you to technical support via email, phone or dedicated helpline covering all levels (I,II and III), including evolutive maintenance, bug fixes, regular updates and new product releases.
For further information on various technical support plans please visit our ServicePlace .

* via email on working days (Mon-Fr) business hours (9:00-17:00 Paris time)
** Case Study conducted by expert Mandriva engineers in comparison to major competitors (2014) using Mandriva eVA's lightweight web interface
***In comparison to major competitors

How does it work ?

 MBS a ready-to-use platform for eVA

The european leader in open source software Mandriva’s Business Server, is a Linux based secure alternative to proprietary Server, adapted to the needs of small and medium businesses and administrations that comes as a ready to use platform for eVA.

A full feature set, now easier to deploy than ever

 Mail server

 Web server

 Directory (MDS)

 Directory (MDS)Configuration &
website deployment (Wordpress and other CMS etc.)

Document storage & backup

Instant messaging (Jabber)

Security (firewall,
secure package versions)

Network configuration & management

Application server

Access rights and user management

File and print

VoIP (Asterisk)



And much more on the
Mandriva ServicePlace®

MBS features

A tool fully developed by Mandriva, MSS helps you manage your services easily.
Adding eVA takes a few clicks in a GUI. MSS also includes a wizard that guides you through the steps.

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