I nnova, the R&D division of Innova is improving the user experience for the home and professional users alike. Mandriva is teaming up with renowned research institutes and with industrial partners in a set of research projects listed below. Mandriva research is following a three-pronged approach :

Provide the collaboration and development tools for the information systems of tomorrow
Design solutions that manage the software complexity
Turn innovation into existing features inside Mandriva's products.


Innova has the three pillar collaborative research, applied focused research and advance research. 

Located in France, Innova operations help Mandriva's expertise as a developer, integrator of mission-critical systems, and in its differentiation strategy of fostering technological innovation.

Innova has several objectives: maintain our development methodologies at the highest level in the market, acquire technological components in support of our differentiation strategy, and develop reusable product lines in order to accompany our customers in their strategic programs.


At Mandriva, we define innovation as anything that breaks with the past and creates value, as perceived by customers, in terms of processes, organizational models, technical solutions or the way we do business.

Innovation may change the business, or it may spawn new generations of products, but it always needs to be visible in the marketplace. Because you can't just decide to be an innovator – you need to be recognized as one by your customers and partners.

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