Mandriva consulting : Service from a true software vendor

We offer you a real IT alternative.
We listen to you, analyse your project, and provide an appropriate solution based on our publishing experience, particularly when your plans involve.
Because every project raises its own set of problems, our consultants are there to guide you and help you find solutions.

Migrating to Linux

We can provide the expertise required for a successful migration.
Our professional workstation, Mandriva Enterprise Desktop, gives you everything you need to connect to your information system.

Our team is there to help you implement this change by suggesting the best solutions.

Customising our Linux distribution

Our engineers can create a custom Linux distribution for you according to your prerequisites and constraints.

Deploying Free Software tools

Our consultants have first-hand experience of the deployment of Free Software. We 
We operate in project mode, at a fixed rate or on a cost-plus basis.
Our experts are there to listen and give you advice and guidance.
Our support and training skills are available in support of your projects.

Managing your IT environment

 Our team participates in setting up our Free Software computer system management product.
Pulse 2.0 Together we conduct a complete project phase to guarantee the success of our product in your computer system.

Making your environment secure

Mandriva has many solutions to help you enjoy a robust security infrastructure.

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