eVa, a cloud management solution (public and private) allows companies to optimize and simplify their cloud environment. Designed in the form of bricks activated software, eVA is easy to use and compatible with all major virtualization engines (VMWare Infrastructure, OracleVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix and KVM).
eVA installs in 30 minutes interconnects with your SI
in a few clicks where you can:


  • Segment your infrastructure to your user profile / groups

  • Delegate one or more features to your users / groups         

  • Optimize the rate of filling of your infrastructure

  • Get an overview of your infrastructure

  • Get the graphics on all elements of your infrastructure

About Siveo

Founded in 2008, Siveo is a french software company specializing in cloud computing.

Having won numerous awards between 2009 and 2011, such as:
-Winner of the regional contest for the creation of business ile de France in 2009
-Winner of the network to undertake in 2009
-JEI labeling (Young Innovative Company) in 2010
Siveo is the first French company referenced Intel Cloud Builder initiative and is a member of AFDEL (French Software Publishers Association) and ADEN (Association for the Development of the Digital Economy)

For further information : http://www.siveo.net/