The server solution that powers your business

Mandriva Business Server is a full featured server solution that provides integrated applicative stacks. Easy to install, set up and deploy Mandriva Business Server (MBS) allows you to focus on what really matters: your business. Mandriva Business offers a whole range of services that help lower your maintenance and ownership costs.

Beautiful and intuitive interfaces that help you deploy the services you want

Mandriva Business Server has been designed to make you gain time and spare your resources from the start of the installation process. It allows you to set up and deploy open source applicative stacks that have been pre-configured by Mandriva in order to optimize them. In just a few clicks, you can deploy services that power the core of your information system.

Mandriva ServicePlace

Mandriva Business Server enables the deployment of the essential services for your business but you can go further and rely on the Mandriva ServicePlace. Mandriva ServicePlace allows the testing, the acquisition of third party enterprise apps as well as their deployment on Mandriva Business Server.

Fully integrated inside Mandriva Business Server it allows you to expand your information systemin a secure and reliable way. 

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Enterprise Communication & collaboration in just a few clicks

Mandriva Business Server allows you to set up and deploy your entire communications stack: Voice over IP telephony, instant messaging, emails and intranet in just a few clicks.

Integrated security for your data and systems

Mandriva Business Server takes the security and integrity of your data and information system very seriously. It goes beyond the standard firewall and network management and offers a granular access rights and permissions management for each user. What's more, Mandriva Business Server comes with a secure kernel and customized libraries to enhance the overall systems security.

Go further

Mandriva Business Server includes all the standard features that one expects from an enterprise server: File sharing with Windows, print server... Mandriva Business Server can do much better than that, as it ships with an application server, databases and calendaring server. All these are easily configurable and can be deployed very quickly thansk to MBS's interfaces.