Assistance & support

At each stage of your IT deployment, Mandriva engineers , architects and project managers will be involved to advise and assist you in the most critical environments, in order to :

Make the best hardware and software choices.
Help you define open architectures in compliance with standards.
Design and size an infrastructure according to your constraints.
Implement, test and document an installation.
Diagnose a system.

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Personalised development

With the help of our architects and programmers, design and develop special modules to meet your requirements and turn your infrastructure into a competitive advantage.

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Mandriva Business Server enjoys customer- acclaimed technical support .

The most experienced Linux engineers and top Open Source software specialists ensure that your infrastructure is operational at all times.

The Technical Support Centre can be reached by telephone , web , and e-mail .

90% of support requests are handled within two hours.

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The most ambitious and successful projects have been carried out by customers and partners who were trained prior to deployment.

We encourage you to participate in training sessions, not only to equip you to face the challenge of implementation in the first place, but also to enable you to take full advantage of their Open Source infrastructure in production.

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