Mandriva Solutions for the Education

Mandriva Class is the  simple, multi-platform  solution for educational needs. Mandriva Class allows you to create a virtual classroom environment in just a few clicks. Mandriva Class is a simple and  cost-effective e-learning tool .

Mandriva Class enables the sharing of almost any kind of educational content over the network in a very easy and affordable way.

Instant-on collaboration, granular roles (teacher, students),  easy sharing of content and live communications: It's all in there .

Teacher features

Lock / unlock students' screen
Share files with students
Share a web page with students
Send messages to students
Open / close remote applications in the students' machines
Turn off the students' machines
Remotely control a student's machine
Remove students from class
Share screen with students* (available in version 2.0 alongside video streaming)

Students Features

Login in the teacher's classroom
Send messages to teacher
Public live chat