Mandriva Pulse is an IT systems management solution that adapts to users' needs and to existing IT infrastructures.

Management of heterogeneous systems

  • Pulse manages clients on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix) even inside the same system.
  • Pulse handles the native runtime of clients in order to optimize their potential
  • Light Pull mode: clients connect to the network at different time in order to desaturate the bandwidth while being able to receive updates.

Application customization

  • Ability to create dynamic groups : creation of subset of clients that will feed each other with updates and patches.
  • Network boot: clients can boot from an image on the network and their boot menu can be customized directly through the network
  • ACL management per users and per groups.

Optimizing the information system

Process automation

  • Simplified installation of inventory agents: daily inventory and information feeds on the state of the system
  • Actions threading: action subsets executed in a sequential way by Pulse without human intervention
  • Multicast: one or more actions executed on several clients without bandwidth congestion.

Making the IT system homogenous

  • Package managmeent: feature and actions library creation and customized package management based on the users needs on each client
  • Imaging: Disk image or master creation and deployment of an identical configuration on each client.

Monitoring & Oversight

Patterns & trends oversight

  • Web interface: optimal mobility of Pulse users through secure access to the relevant information from any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) that's connected to the local network
    Dashboard offering a synthetic view of the most important information of the system
    Activity logs keep tabs on the operations inside the IT system.

Remote actions

  • Wake On Lan: Remote boot of a network connected client
    Software deployment: remote deployment of applications and settings configuration on clients
    Remote control: ability to take control of a client without the need of a physical presence with the client



  • SSH tunneling: setup of a secure communication channel between the server and a remote client ensuring the protection against intrusions
  • PKI management: advanced client authentification
  • Task resilience: protection against the network drops and incidents for clients
  • Bandwidth management: Pulse reduces its use of bandwidth automatically in order to allow a regular bandwidth for clients.


  • ACL (Access Control List): customizable rights for each registered user
  • LDAP connection: LDAP directory server integration directly inside Pulse ensuring their identification at the source.


  • Disk imaging: clients data is secured through their full replication of their hard drive
  • Incremental daily backup: enhanced security against unexpected data loss.