A server meant to reduce your operating costs & streamline your I.T infrastructure

Because this concept has been increasingly called into question, the Linux movement
has been growing in the IT sector.
This effect has resulted in the gradual adoption of Open Source tools by certain
companies and parts of civil services, amongst others.
To install, use, administer, and maintain these tools, you need skills that can be acquired through
training courses and confirmed through certification.

These training courses

Mandriva has developed training programmes to respond to this need.

Can be adapted to any level
Apply to all existing Linux distributions
Provide preparation for LPI (Linux Professional Institute) certification
Provide preparation for Mandriva MCB, MCU, MCA certifications
Can be conducted in approved training centres or on the premises of the company concerned
Can be dispensed by an instructor or online whenever you choose

What type of training is best for you?


Access to the dedicated forum where each participant can ask and answer questions

Full access to the online training materials
You are assigned a remote tutor who checks on your progress regularly
Participation in daily activities concerning specific topics related to the training
Training on our premises with Mandriva training materials

Training Courses in Brazilian:

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Further information

For further information about the Mandriva Linux Training offer, contact us :

+33 (0) 1 40 41 00 41

You are in charge of a training centre?
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