Solutions for Education by Mandriva

Mandriva S.A. has committed itself early on to tackling the issues pertaining to education in the emerging and BRIC countries. Both in terms of social development and I.T. education can be a temendous opportunity if addressed properly. Mandriva S.A. has chosen to engage with the emerging education markets through the development of innovative and open source software solutions and through partnerships with world-class hardware manufacturers and OEMs.

  • Mandriva Class , an innovative virtual classroom software platform
  • ClassMate PC , an integrated software and hardware solution by Positivo, Intel and Mandriva focused on the education market in Brazil.
  • Training courses (in Brazilian) cover a broad range of topics including the administration of Linux  systems, network monitoring, directory server management and security

The Mandriva Education Programme

Aimed at educational institutions (schools, universities, etc.) the Mandriva Education Programme is a unique opportunity allowing the acquisition of the three main Mandriva solutions at a much lower cost. Additionally this programme provides continuous updates and upgrades for these solutions free of charge. Products included in this programme are:

  • Mandriva Business Server
  • Mandriva Class
  • Mandriva Pulse2

This offer is valid for educational services and entities only. The base price only applies for one site - rebates are available for additional sites.For more information check out our brochure or contact us by email or phone: +33 (0)1 76 64 16 60