Mandriva support solutions for professionals

We provide Level 1 , 2 and 3 technical support covering the installation of Linux distributions and software, configuration, performance improvement, software maintenance, and technology watch.

An offer designed for the requirements of Open Source software users

Mandriva technical support helps you optimise the benefits of using Open Source software . It provides all the tools you need to become more proactive and efficient:

1. Technical support centre

Our engineers can handle the various types of incident (Level 1, 2 and 3) quickly enough to suit the level of criticality (p1, p2 or p3).

You can contact our engineers by e-mail or through our online support platform.

2. Technology watch

We approve all software before its inclusion in the Mandriva catalogue, and we correct or circumvent any malfunctions, when necessary (level 3).

3. Labs

Our laboratory is set up to reproduce complex incidents in an environment where they can be corrected.

Many hardware architectures are represented there, covering most cases we are likely to encounter.

4. Incident monitoring  system

The incident monitoring system provides continuous information about progress in resolving an incident.

Community Support

For community support please go to the Mandriva Expert website or to our Community pages .