Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
10.0 amd64 , 10.0 i586

Problem description

Mdkonline as shipped in 10.0 has some issues comparing squid release versions. This package is a mandatory upgrade to get fully functional Mandrake Online services. Update: The previous update did not parse noarch packages, and new archs have been added (ia64, amd64, x86_64, ppc64) as well. As well, the mdkapplet now forces a restart when changes to itself have occurred.

Updated packages

10.0 amd64

 f42516ed24e578633f629571be7f757e  amd64/10.0/RPMS/mdkonline-1.1-2.1.100mdk.noarch.rpm
ddf9aa3ee5ac54824ed4a197629866e7  amd64/10.0/SRPMS/mdkonline-1.1-2.1.100mdk.src.rpm

10.0 i586

 42a4bfe7e7558738b1e0e7530434966c  10.0/RPMS/mdkonline-1.1-2.1.100mdk.noarch.rpm
ddf9aa3ee5ac54824ed4a197629866e7  10.0/SRPMS/mdkonline-1.1-2.1.100mdk.src.rpm