Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
10.0 amd64 , 10.0 i586

Problem description

A bug existed in mkinitrd where depmod-24 would generate a modules.dep file containing "\\\n" if there is more than one module listed as a dependency. Because of this, when mkinitrd is called, it will miss the dependencies of certain modules and as a result the modules that need to be loaded first will be loaded last and the kernel will complain about some missing symbols. This problem only affects systems using the 2.4 kernel with SCSI devices. The updated packages are fixed to correct the problem.

Updated packages

10.0 amd64

 560f3ff1be18c53c89403774dee5c9d6  amd64/10.0/RPMS/mkinitrd-3.5.18-4.2.100mdk.amd64.rpm
ad6de27371de1ed748c7f67fc2de99e6  amd64/10.0/SRPMS/mkinitrd-3.5.18-4.2.100mdk.src.rpm

10.0 i586

 7ca20d4c7153012b3e4e9223e82f33f0  10.0/RPMS/mkinitrd-3.5.18-4.2.100mdk.i586.rpm
ad6de27371de1ed748c7f67fc2de99e6  10.0/SRPMS/mkinitrd-3.5.18-4.2.100mdk.src.rpm