Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2006.0 i586 , 2006.0 x86_64

Problem description

A number of vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in the Linux
2.6 kernel:

Prior to and including 2.6.16-rc2, when running on x86_64 systems with
preemption enabled, local users can cause a DoS (oops) via multiple
ptrace tasks that perform single steps (CVE-2006-1066).

Prior to 2.6.16, a directory traversal vulnerability in CIFS could
allow a local user to escape chroot restrictions for an SMB-mounted
filesystem via "..\\" sequences (CVE-2006-1863).

Prior to 2.6.16, a directory traversal vulnerability in smbfs could
allow a local user to escape chroot restrictions for an SMB-mounted
filesystem via "..\\" sequences (CVE-2006-1864).

Prior to to, SCTP conntrack in netfilter allows remote
attackers to cause a DoS (crash) via a packet without any chunks,
causing a variable to contain an invalid value that is later used to
dereference a pointer (CVE-2006-2934).

The dvd_read_bca function in the DVD handling code assigns the wrong
value to a length variable, which could allow local users to execute
arbitrary code via a crafted USB storage device that triggers a buffer
overflow (CVE-2006-2935).

Prior to 2.6.17, the ftdi_sio driver could allow local users to cause
a DoS (memory consumption) by writing more data to the serial port than
the hardware can handle, causing the data to be queued (CVE-2006-2936).

The 2.6 kernel, when using both NFS and EXT3, allowed remote attackers
to cause a DoS (file system panic) via a crafted UDP packet with a V2
lookup procedure that specifies a bad file handle (inode number),
triggering an error and causing an exported directory to be remounted
read-only (CVE-2006-3468).

The 2.6 kernel's SCTP was found to cause system crashes and allow for
the possibility of local privilege escalation due to a bug in the
get_user_iov_size() function that doesn't properly handle overflow when
calculating the length of iovec (CVE-2006-3745).

The provided packages are patched to fix these vulnerabilities. All
users are encouraged to upgrade to these updated kernels immediately
and reboot to effect the fixes.

In addition to these security fixes, other fixes have been included
such as:

- added support for new devices:
o Testo products in usb-serial
o ULI M-1573 south Bridge
o PATA and SATA support for nVidia MCP55, MCP61, MCP65, and AMD CS5536
o Asus W6A motherboard in snd-hda-intel
o bcm 5780
- fixed ip_gre module unload OOPS
- enabled opti621 driver for x86 and x86_64
- fixed a local DoS introduced by an imcomplete fix for CVE-2006-2445
- updated to Xen 3.0.1 with selected fixes
- enable hugetlbfs

To update your kernel, please follow the directions located at:

Updated packages

2006.0 i586

 9b4811892823bfa6ddfa648f029ee500  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-
 27e6afeac2d98e07cd8a16d2ffa8de28  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-BOOT-
 dcd2a1843a5f56c286a0e6270c7b1d79  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-i586-up-1GB-
 477b78d6836d03484a58720f2137e506  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-i686-up-4GB-
 ab1f7540dbfd41f469f4931a710dbe95  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-smp-
 ed246f8b552bb26bb8e89c0c0842bbe9  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-
 acb15b08ed7f7d2ad3747c555a07b401  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-stripped-
 ede19a2f7dd7b715c58e9c61ee1c3359  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xbox-
 848a9f9725f141077a34affb42088946  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xen0-
 d280fd356d01831e6dbe5f0fc73c741b  2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xenU-
 c0a388efafe83a187a58d582ddf9cafb  2006.0/SRPMS/kernel-

2006.0 x86_64

 54c6b69a3ce44d4dfb217f4b4f620293  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-
 0eded734bf839d253c18d4849507a687  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-BOOT-
 c379d55bcaee5070b46475b2e1cbce0a  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-smp-
 2fad12f6ea68fdd1d000c2602f47a0a3  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-
 1ae8c5f75d5660e511cfe2db62a02056  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-source-stripped-
 160c2425b4be695feaafffdb59cc8fcd  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xen0-
 677a458c0eb70f9f8a5bd9553b96f589  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/kernel-xenU-
 c0a388efafe83a187a58d582ddf9cafb  x86_64/2006.0/SRPMS/kernel-