Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2008.0 i586 , 2008.0 x86_64

Problem description

Some vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in bind:

Unspecified vulnerability in ISC BIND 9.4 before 9.4.3-P4, 9.5
before 9.5.2-P1, 9.6 before 9.6.1-P2, 9.7 beta before 9.7.0b3,
and 9.0.x through 9.3.x with DNSSEC validation enabled and checking
disabled (CD), allows remote attackers to conduct DNS cache poisoning
attacks via additional sections in a response sent for resolution
of a recursive client query, which is not properly handled when the
response is processed at the same time as requesting DNSSEC records
(DO). (CVE-2009-4022).

Additionally BIND has been upgraded to the latest point release or
closest supported version by ISC.


Packages for 2008.0 are provided for Corporate Desktop 2008.0 customers

Updated packages

2008.0 i586

 9cd003fb37a121f79e78b1c14094b7db  2008.0/i586/bind-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 7f07d510e3a8e1dfe311020bf86b599f  2008.0/i586/bind-devel-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm
 fb8c5352c8a603bdd3f89e6051a2c48e  2008.0/i586/bind-utils-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm 
 a82b381cd9675db308d95aee3fa5502f  2008.0/SRPMS/bind-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm

2008.0 x86_64

 1ac44bf21e8144fb7c4bf49b0c9e094f  2008.0/x86_64/bind-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 2453e9625b1852561f6b6b6ebf17fdb2  2008.0/x86_64/bind-devel-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm
 f8f5a39a4d1b33fef6a5441288fe0aa7  2008.0/x86_64/bind-utils-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.x86_64.rpm 
 a82b381cd9675db308d95aee3fa5502f  2008.0/SRPMS/bind-9.4.3-0.1mdv2008.0.src.rpm