Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2009.0 x86_64 , 2009.0 i586

Problem description

This update fixes several issues regarding the live upgrade to a more
recent distribution, notably:
- new distributions are now only presented after all updates were
- if current distribution is no more supported, we will warn about
it and offer to upgrade to a newer release
- makes the new config tool backported from 2010.0 to work on 2009.0
too (due to older drakxtools API)
- update the authentication scheme for MES5

It also fix a couple crashes:
- a rare crash (bug #55346)
- gracefully handle (rare) server issues (bugs #51299 & #51548)

Now passwords with special caracters are properly managed.
For security, we now access through the https
The applet now offer to configure a couple settings.
It has now more efficient system power usage.

Updated packages

2009.0 x86_64

 52c5666c2c8a728633843993b20ddfd2  2009.0/x86_64/mdkonline-2.77.14-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 5879071c435e2b700637967ad1320450  2009.0/SRPMS/mdkonline-2.77.14-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm

2009.0 i586

 1a214db2749b3598dc7f77cbd074b768  2009.0/i586/mdkonline-2.77.14-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 5879071c435e2b700637967ad1320450  2009.0/SRPMS/mdkonline-2.77.14-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm