Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
6.1 i586 , 6.0 i586 , 7.0 i586 , 7.1 i586

Problem description

Wu-ftpd is vulnerable to a very serious remote attack in the SITE EXEC implementation. Because of user input going directly into a format string for a *printf function, it is possible to overwrite important data, such as a return address, on the stack. When this is accomplished, the function can jump into shellcode pointed to by the overwritten eip and execute arbitrary commands as root. While exploited in a manner similar to a buffer overflow, it is actually an input validation problem. Anonymous ftp is exploitable making it even more serious as attacks can come anonymously from anywhere on the internet. This update also fixes the setproctitle() vulnerability which involves a missing character-formatting argument in setproctitle(), a call which sets the string used to display process identifier information.

Updated packages

6.1 i586

 89467e25e432271892aea433b613b4f7  6.1/RPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.i586.rpm
bb37dbaf5f9fc3953c2869592df608c9  6.1/SRPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.src.rpm

6.0 i586

 b4340d1007f5128d5d80502007c11a17  6.0/RPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.i586.rpm
bb37dbaf5f9fc3953c2869592df608c9  6.0/SRPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.src.rpm

7.0 i586

 7e240d30b2e8cba1ba0c3dc59908aef7  7.0/RPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.i586.rpm
bb37dbaf5f9fc3953c2869592df608c9  7.0/SRPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.src.rpm 

7.1 i586

 2b83dcb120012f1009e707398b5f4dc4  7.1/RPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.i586.rpm
bb37dbaf5f9fc3953c2869592df608c9  7.1/SRPMS/wu-ftpd-2.6.0-7mdk.src.rpm