Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
7.0 i586 , 7.1 i586

Problem description

A problem exists in all versions of GnuPG prior to and including 1.0.3. Because of this problem, GnuPG may report files which have been signed with multiple keys (one or more of which may be incorrect) to be valid even if one of the signatures is in fact valid. Update: The previous packages announced yesterday were built with i686 instructions and would not run on i586 systems. These packages correct the error.

Updated packages

7.0 i586

 61ea1019f0983ff71202e55a94af4150  7.0/RPMS/gnupg-1.0.4-2mdk.i586.rpm
450fe5bc4322dc39f0c33d34b8c2fac6  7.0/SRPMS/gnupg-1.0.4-2mdk.src.rpm

7.1 i586

 12d27f2714485fe7660564145724d626  7.1/RPMS/gnupg-1.0.4-2mdk.i586.rpm
450fe5bc4322dc39f0c33d34b8c2fac6  7.1/SRPMS/gnupg-1.0.4-2mdk.src.rpm