Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
MBS1 x86_64

Problem description

Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in

PostgreSQL 9.2.x before 9.2.3, 9.1.x before 9.1.8, 9.0.x before 9.0.12,
8.4.x before 8.4.16, and 8.3.x before 8.3.23 does not properly declare
the enum_recv function in backend/utils/adt/enum.c, which causes it to
be invoked with incorrect arguments and allows remote authenticated
users to cause a denial of service (server crash) or read sensitive
process memory via a crafted SQL command, which triggers an array
index error and an out-of-bounds read (CVE-2013-0255).

Argument injection vulnerability in PostgreSQL 9.2.x before 9.2.4,
9.1.x before 9.1.9, and 9.0.x before 9.0.13 allows remote attackers
to cause a denial of service (file corruption), and allows remote
authenticated users to modify configuration settings and execute
arbitrary code, via a connection request using a database name that
begins with a - (hyphen) (CVE-2013-1899).

PostgreSQL 9.2.x before 9.2.4, 9.1.x before 9.1.9, 9.0.x before 9.0.13,
and 8.4.x before 8.4.17, when using OpenSSL, generates insufficiently
random numbers, which might allow remote authenticated users to have
an unspecified impact via vectors related to the contrib/pgcrypto
functions. (CVE-2013-1900).

PostgreSQL 9.2.x before 9.2.4 and 9.1.x before 9.1.9 does not properly
check REPLICATION privileges, which allows remote authenticated
users to bypass intended backup restrictions by calling the (1)
pg_start_backup or (2) pg_stop_backup functions (CVE-2013-1901).

This advisory provides the latest versions of PostgreSQL that is not
vulnerable to these issues.

Updated packages

MBS1 x86_64

 90f16928761e6730bbf5c02ce879bd1b  mbs1/x86_64/lib64ecpg9.2_6-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 91aa3b3566460984204bf54ce20e5a5f  mbs1/x86_64/lib64pq9.2_5-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 012638a43606dec11a6094e35ba450a2  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 9350db850f0b2caaf845c85b32877a54  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-contrib-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 27c4fd997b7504896051b7a980484a21  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-devel-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 887f692d637c7c35ead32f83c2ee9710  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-docs-9.2.4-1.mbs1.noarch.rpm
 5384bf37605ada4badd44882f2bc8315  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-pl-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 fc4a79372edfc428ef94221e3240f24c  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-plperl-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 f2da635c2af4c8c10145e5657d1bcbad  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-plpgsql-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 29e26bce0c2ff533981a075af8b2d5b1  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-plpython-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 fcb4ae81ef6e32d80432df14291c91fc  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-pltcl-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 64f6ac8a41d4b1b88c182c74ddfb48b5  mbs1/x86_64/postgresql9.2-server-9.2.4-1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm 
 77f2a88d1d097ccc89e63afa6cb11a96  mbs1/SRPMS/postgresql9.2-9.2.4-1.mbs1.src.rpm