Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
MES5 i586 , MES5 x86_64

Problem description

A vulnerability has been found and corrected in php-phar:

Multiple format string vulnerabilities in the phar extension in PHP
5.3 before 5.3.2 allow context-dependent attackers to obtain sensitive
information (memory contents) and possibly execute arbitrary code
via a crafted phar:// URI that is not properly handled by the (1)
phar_stream_flush, (2) phar_wrapper_unlink, (3) phar_parse_url, or
(4) phar_wrapper_open_url functions in ext/phar/stream.c; and the (5)
phar_wrapper_open_dir function in ext/phar/dirstream.c, which triggers
errors in the php_stream_wrapper_log_error function (CVE-2010-2094).

The updated packages have been upgraded to the latest version (2.0.0)
and patched to correct this issue.

Updated packages

MES5 i586

 18ac572d36b85d01b8d2887b5ac66306  mes5/i586/php-phar-2.0.0-0.1mdvmes5.1.i586.rpm 
 66fed8527abc284d6b41e547fa9f7fe5  mes5/SRPMS/php-phar-2.0.0-0.1mdvmes5.1.src.rpm

MES5 x86_64

 64664dc1a71b0b0df61a14faf178d737  mes5/x86_64/php-phar-2.0.0-0.1mdvmes5.1.x86_64.rpm 
 66fed8527abc284d6b41e547fa9f7fe5  mes5/SRPMS/php-phar-2.0.0-0.1mdvmes5.1.src.rpm