Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
8.1 i586 , SNF7.2 i586 , CS1.0 i586 , 8.1 i586 , 8.0 i586 , 8.0 i586 , 7.1 i586 , 7.2 i586

Problem description

Sebastian Krahmer of the SuSE Security Team performed an audit on the rsync tool and discovered that in several places signed and unsigned numbers were mixed, with the end result being insecure code. These flaws could be abused by remote users to write 0 bytes into rsync's memory and trick rsync into executing arbitrary code on the server. It is recommended that all Mandrake Linux users update rsync immediately. As well, rsync server administrators should seriously consider making use of the "use chroot", "read only", and "uid" options as these can significantly reduce the impact that security problems in rsync (or elsewhere) have on the server.

Updated packages

8.1 i586

 bcb82a2d2df81b692024eeb6dd06b9cf  ia64/8.1/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.ia64.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  ia64/8.1/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm

SNF7.2 i586

 a77115dd3c3325d49926bd7536210e4e  snf7.2/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.i586.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  snf7.2/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm

CS1.0 i586

 24ec7cf554ef39f1c80508e62de83487  1.0.1/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.2mdk.i586.rpm
09a4383e4edf3ac2a6806d05426ea1da  1.0.1/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.2mdk.src.rpm

8.1 i586

 048f479dbf9be95eb7e1bf59790d0b22  8.1/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.i586.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  8.1/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm

8.0 i586

 df39f2e4b12f8fd4688af4b69f1f7b3f  8.0/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.i586.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  8.0/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm

8.0 i586

 6ed6ea741a2f9404eaceb4c6fc2eef67  ppc/8.0/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.ppc.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  ppc/8.0/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm

7.1 i586

 24ec7cf554ef39f1c80508e62de83487  7.1/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.2mdk.i586.rpm
09a4383e4edf3ac2a6806d05426ea1da  7.1/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.2mdk.src.rpm

7.2 i586

 a77115dd3c3325d49926bd7536210e4e  7.2/RPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.i586.rpm
769d981c69c3827765c93ed11040002a  7.2/SRPMS/rsync-2.4.6-3.1mdk.src.rpm