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Advisory ID
Affected versions
MES5 i586 , MES5 x86_64

Problem description

Multiple security vulnerabilities has been identified and fixed
in tomcat5:

Apache Tomcat 4.1.0 through 4.1.39, 5.5.0 through 5.5.27, 6.0.0 through
6.0.18, and possibly earlier versions normalizes the target pathname
before filtering the query string when using the RequestDispatcher
method, which allows remote attackers to bypass intended access
restrictions and conduct directory traversal attacks via .. (dot dot)
sequences and the WEB-INF directory in a Request (CVE-2008-5515).

Apache Tomcat 4.1.0 through 4.1.39, 5.5.0 through 5.5.27, and 6.0.0
through 6.0.18, when the Java AJP connector and mod_jk load balancing
are used, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service
(application outage) via a crafted request with invalid headers,
related to temporary blocking of connectors that have encountered
errors, as demonstrated by an error involving a malformed HTTP Host
header (CVE-2009-0033).

Apache Tomcat 4.1.0 through 4.1.39, 5.5.0 through 5.5.27, and
6.0.0 through 6.0.18, when FORM authentication is used, allows
remote attackers to enumerate valid usernames via requests to
/j_security_check with malformed URL encoding of passwords, related to
improper error checking in the (1) MemoryRealm, (2) DataSourceRealm,
and (3) JDBCRealm authentication realms, as demonstrated by a %
(percent) value for the j_password parameter (CVE-2009-0580).

The calendar application in the examples web application contains an
XSS flaw due to invalid HTML which renders the XSS filtering protection
ineffective (CVE-2009-0781).

Apache Tomcat 4.1.0 through 4.1.39, 5.5.0 through 5.5.27, and 6.0.0
through 6.0.18 permits web applications to replace an XML parser used
for other web applications, which allows local users to read or modify
the (1) web.xml, (2) context.xml, or (3) tld files of arbitrary web
applications via a crafted application that is loaded earlier than
the target application (CVE-2009-0783).

The updated packages have been patched to prevent this. Additionally
Apache Tomcat has been upgraded to the latest 5.5.27 version for MES5.

Updated packages

MES5 i586

 eeaa9d6a2b616db100f1e206bb06b2d6  mes5/i586/tomcat5-5.5.27-
 a641e0f379b1c37a1475b8528a6d8ecf  mes5/i586/tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.27-
 743727d3628613d6968850ffd1ae092d  mes5/i586/tomcat5-common-lib-5.5.27-
 c9e66f0251d48d08f1df2dbca1973aad  mes5/i586/tomcat5-jasper-5.5.27-
 0fcaf3a02861505fd8afec7c94344b34  mes5/i586/tomcat5-jasper-eclipse-5.5.27-
 6b013f381aad7eec77f82021fa897bb1  mes5/i586/tomcat5-jasper-javadoc-5.5.27-
 56a14766bd5d56beaf05914442329b8e  mes5/i586/tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api-5.5.27-
 6244961329d56d9854c27fb643180af7  mes5/i586/tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api-javadoc-5.5.27-
 389011360b165d51ed7bb760aed77fef  mes5/i586/tomcat5-server-lib-5.5.27-
 644fdfef4854b94a6a645b4a5df19430  mes5/i586/tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api-5.5.27-
 69601123fe318d20c8e050fb294563a4  mes5/i586/tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api-javadoc-5.5.27-
 19cbeea920983a8ba6a9f739c13f1162  mes5/i586/tomcat5-webapps-5.5.27- 
 30f1fc3e67154e56ba2fe78c7f17cf02  mes5/SRPMS/tomcat5-5.5.27-

MES5 x86_64

 c25b7d09498779d75041bc7f613130a0  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-5.5.27-
 d7674924e3c8b7c84e5024869c1b69a3  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.27-
 84d805f41359b28390638787cfc06d12  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-common-lib-5.5.27-
 8d7ed6ceffa3cc3f03a8a7abd05c470b  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-jasper-5.5.27-
 4f1b9387b5c5e77fcac86104815ae33a  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-jasper-eclipse-5.5.27-
 23350f016f88897bd966721c156c7c73  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-jasper-javadoc-5.5.27-
 0e187a53ffadf553705425de115e48e6  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api-5.5.27-
 50b42a84acf2b2d989655c2f7dd5ae1f  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api-javadoc-5.5.27-
 16ca5f053c9221b48aea5e73ce7b6a06  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-server-lib-5.5.27-
 cf3d9d6d4cc876aef1fcbbf1b7d53950  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api-5.5.27-
 32f514581f311783fc5a673231558567  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api-javadoc-5.5.27-
 d21b39762b5a108dacdaf58a91ce5dac  mes5/x86_64/tomcat5-webapps-5.5.27- 
 30f1fc3e67154e56ba2fe78c7f17cf02  mes5/SRPMS/tomcat5-5.5.27-