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Affected versions
MES5 i586 , MES5 x86_64

Problem description

Multiple vulnerabilities has been found and corrected in roundcubemail:

The login form in Roundcube Webmail before 0.5.1 does not properly
handle a correctly authenticated but unintended login attempt, which
makes it easier for remote authenticated users to obtain sensitive
information by arranging for a victim to login to the attacker's
account and then compose an e-mail message, related to a login CSRF
issue (CVE-2011-1491).

steps/utils/ in Roundcube Webmail before 0.5.1 does
not properly verify that a request is an expected request for an
external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) stylesheet, which allows remote
authenticated users to trigger arbitrary outbound TCP connections
from the server, and possibly obtain sensitive information, via a
crafted request (CVE-2011-1492).

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the UI messages
functionality in Roundcube Webmail before 0.5.4 allows remote attackers
to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the _mbox parameter to
the default URI (CVE-2011-2937).

include/iniset.php in Roundcube Webmail 0.5.4 and earlier, when PHP
5.3.7 or 5.3.8 is used, allows remote attackers to trigger a GET
request for an arbitrary URL, and cause a denial of service (resource
consumption and inbox outage), via a Subject header containing only
a URL, a related issue to CVE-2011-3379 (CVE-2011-4078).

The updated packages have been upgraded to the 0.7.2 version which
is not affected by these issues.

Updated packages

MES5 i586

 d96592c6581901f3e70c7c7cbaa4b5f9  mes5/i586/roundcubemail-0.7.2-0.1mdvmes5.2.noarch.rpm 
 75e6274d8182517e7d82a7ecb6f71ea3  mes5/SRPMS/roundcubemail-0.7.2-0.1mdvmes5.2.src.rpm

MES5 x86_64

 3948f757e2a0575f42ef735e622ef51a  mes5/x86_64/roundcubemail-0.7.2-0.1mdvmes5.2.noarch.rpm 
 75e6274d8182517e7d82a7ecb6f71ea3  mes5/SRPMS/roundcubemail-0.7.2-0.1mdvmes5.2.src.rpm