Digital Independence & Data Ownership

Information Technologies and Open Source Software can unleash amazing opportunities for your business and drastically improve your business processes. Any connected organisation must however retain its control over its data, especially the data that's crucial to its core business. Mandriva S.A. is a french software vendor founded in 1998. One of its key values is the digital independence and data protection. Mandriva's independence may be explained by several factors :

A commitment to Free and Open Source Software since its inception
An independent shareholders ' structure that's entirely based in Europe
Mandriva solutions are entirely developed and tested in France and in some cases in Brazil. Because of this Mandriva solutions are not subject to specific regulations from North American countries regarding data collection and monitoring
A strong commitment to digital independence and to the customers' complete ownership of their own data.

As a consequence:
We do not own your data. Your data belongs to you and to nobody else. We store your data in France and in Europe.
Your data is not subject to the various regulations from specific countries collecting and monitoring your data with or without your explicit consent.
If you decide to stop using our solutions any data belonging to you will be transferred back to you. We will not keep these.

Choosing Mandriva solutions means choosing the right to master its own data and IT systems. Ultimately, the choice of Mandriva solutions ensures your digital independence