Equipment suppliers

Mandriva is one of the biggest providers in the world of Linux to OEMs.
In order to increase the number of Linux compatible computers, Mandriva goes into partnership with many hardware and software suppliers.

Since 2001 we have been working with the major IT business actors like Dell, HP, NEC, EMTEC, ... and signed many agreements dealing with the support and the pre-installation of Mandriva on their computers.

In 2006, hundred of millions of personal computers pre-installed with Linux were shipped, particularly to South America, East Europe, Russia, North Africa and India. Mandriva also participates in thematic projects with Intel, such as the Classmate PC.

Lighter and less expensive, Mandriva Linux unlocks your own added-value and improves your computer performance. Known for its sturdiness and its accessibility, Mandriva contributes to offer the end user a reliable, rock-solid and easy to use operating system.

Mandriva OEM is based on OpenMandriva's lastest stable release.

OEM Mandriva partner program

This program has been setup to bring OEM partners a complete and innovative Linux platform to meet their customers requirements.

Join the program! You will get to :

Benefit from our training programs, support center, consulting services
Increase your Linux-based sales, thanks to our resellers world-wide network
Maximise your margins.
have the best integration of your products, certified through our QA labs.
Use the best Linux distribution on the market; stable, robust, 10-years
of experience and millions of users.
Participate to future products test plans.

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