Pulse, a comprehensive Open source IT systems management solution

Pulse is an open source software that simplifies IT asset management for enterprises of all sizes.

Designed to meet the challenges of IT professionals, Pulse can handle a few computers on a single site to 100,000+ computers spread over multiple sites with multi-OS such as Microsft Windows, Mac OSX, Unix and Linux.

An easy to use , safe and flexible solution, Pulse includes :

  • Interface  : Supervise large scale sites through the use of single web interface console
  • Inventory  : Perform hardware and software inventory
  • Software deployment  : Deploy new software and security updates on all your IT assets
  • Imaging  : Create and deply hard disc images of your computer
  • Remote control : Perform remote diagnostic and remote management
  • Backup and restore : Protect your data from accidental loss by incremental backups
  • Patch Management  : Centralized software updates and control of your endpoint security
  • License Management : Optimize your software assets usage
  • Reporting : Generate IT asset reports
  • Pull Mode : Increase compliance of your roaming devices
  • Software convergence : Software deployments using automated process