Better Return On Investment. Faster.

Pulse 2 is an IT system management system that is fast and easy to install. With Pulse 2 you will be able to:

Compile Inventories
Deploy your applications 
 Upgrade your applications
 Work remotely

Take advantage of Mandriva services and expertise

Mandriva provides you with assistance and support all along the lifecycle of your IT systems. You can learn more about our support and our services by calling us or contacting us by email.

Meeting the constraints of IT management - Surpassing expectations

To sustain a smooth running IT infrastructure management you need to regularly intervene to guarantee the security of desktops and servers as well as the evolution of applications supporting your activity.

FusionInventory is now the default inventory engine, making Pulse2 one of the best standards-based solution on the market.

Backup features have been added through the integration of Backup Pro and allow both incremental back-ups on a regular basis as well as the complete backup of disks across the infrastructure. 

Pulse2 users benefit from a clear interface and advanced functionalities which simplify daily tasks.

The  Dynamic group  technology allows you to instantaneously identify vulnerable machines and those which need evolving.

A security update to carry out immediately ? A new navigator version to deploy ?

Deployment of applications is now easier than ever thanks to our new centralized package management and the advanced use of metapackages.
With Pulse2 you can react without delay to an emergency and programm major upgrades when they are most convenient.

Security constraints have been factored in with the ability to check security analytics from a variety of sources: antivirus, firewall and network logs. 

Integration into existing systems

Integration into systems and existing data works as a lever and increases the benefits for IT services and organisations. The modular nature of Pulse2 now allows for a smooth integration with GLPI . In order to integrate into the greatest number of applications, Pulse 2 contains  service oriented architecture . Automatise complex tasks, integrate Pulse 2 with existing applications and supply necessary data to different users has never been so easy!

Monitoring, Security and Backup at the heard of your systems management

IT systems are often complex to manage. Daily management does involve more than just security updates deployments and backup operations. Mandriva Pulse 2 puts the emphasis on the users'management through a granular access rights and directory server management. Intuitive dashboards enable a faster understanding of the ongoing activity as well as an improved reaction time in case of incident. Pulse 2 offers a broad range of services and features aimed significantly improving the security of systems it manages: ssh tunnels, the use of PKI, bandwidth throttle monitoring and management. Mastering and imaging capabilities are provided by default as well and allow incremental or complete backups of your systems.

Mastering the complexity of IT systems

Mandriva Pulse 2 goes further by enabling the progressive deployment of homogenous software stacks thanks to its advanced software packages management and deployment features: centralized package creation and storage for the broadest set of operating systems on the market(Windows, Linux,OSX,Unixes), automated software deployment and a granular control of packages by group or by machine.