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Affected versions
10.0 i586

Problem description

A very serious security flaw was discovered by Ralf Spenneberg in racoon, the IKE daemon of the KAME-tools. Racoon does not very the RSA signature during phase one of a connection using either main or aggressive mode. Only the certificate of the client is verified, the certificate is not used to verify the client's signature. All versions of ipsec-tools prior to 0.2.5 and 0.3rc5 are vulnerable to this issue. The provided package updates ipsec-tools to 0.2.5.

Updated packages

10.0 i586

 5ccd56bb9dab0708be04d99e68ee636a  10.0/RPMS/ipsec-tools-0.2.5-0.1.100mdk.i586.rpm
60af7d28c135a27a4a7a6a7a340154db  10.0/RPMS/libipsec-tools0-0.2.5-0.1.100mdk.i586.rpm
a19e2af746e74f53b9a2d8e8e949a58a  10.0/SRPMS/ipsec-tools-0.2.5-0.1.100mdk.src.rpm