Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
10.2 i586 , 10.2 x86_64

Problem description

This package fixes a bug that prevents password changes via pam_ldap from succeeding when configured to use the password type "exop" (via a "pam_password exop" entry in /etc/ldap.conf or the configuration file provided as an option in the pam configuration file) against a server which doens't allow exop password changes which include the old password (such as OpenLDAP 2.1.x). The update applies the changes made between pam_ldap versions 174 and 175, and changes the behaviour for the "exop" password method to not send the old password. The behaviour that was exhibited by the original package may be obtained by changing the password method to "exop_send_old".

Updated packages

10.2 i586

 c434580c7d31b44c0e712cdf9fd6690a  10.2/RPMS/nss_ldap-220-5.1.102mdk.i586.rpm
92b0d732b5209b43cc9c088da9af21b6  10.2/RPMS/pam_ldap-170-5.1.102mdk.i586.rpm
587d1feabf37950cda4941244a7248a3  10.2/SRPMS/nss_ldap-220-5.1.102mdk.src.rpm

10.2 x86_64

 4f4f259ce9be37455c446a437895279d  x86_64/10.2/RPMS/nss_ldap-220-5.1.102mdk.x86_64.rpm
897aa0e1d77b673ba7d8d47c75a81224  x86_64/10.2/RPMS/pam_ldap-170-5.1.102mdk.x86_64.rpm
587d1feabf37950cda4941244a7248a3  x86_64/10.2/SRPMS/nss_ldap-220-5.1.102mdk.src.rpm