Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2009.0 x86_64 , 2009.0 i586

Problem description

The sound initialization scripts provided with Mandriva Linux 2009
activate the Analog Loopback channel when it is present. This channel
is present on most audio chipsets supported by the snd-hda-intel
driver, which are commonly used on recent systems. When active,
this channel plays back the sound received by the line-in and mic-in
channels. If nothing is actually connected to these channels, this
can result in an unpleasant loud noise over the speakers or headphones
connected to the line-out or speaker-out connector.

This update adjusts the sound initialization scripts to mute this
channel by default. Unfortunately, this change will not be applied
automatically on already-installed systems, as existing settings
are automatically stored at shutdown and re-applied at startup on
Mandriva Linux. If you are suffering from this issue, then you can
run the command 'reset_sound' as root after installing this update,
and it should resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can simply disable
/ mute the Analog Loopback channel yourself, using a mixer application.

Updated packages

2009.0 x86_64

 4a0deef8237afc7279cb5eb8f3d22be9  2009.0/x86_64/sound-scripts-0.56-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 932a5216281bfd4efd7a7883ca0528b3  2009.0/SRPMS/sound-scripts-0.56-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm

2009.0 i586

 d983819fa41c1df3e79412741e6c5631  2009.0/i586/sound-scripts-0.56-1.1mdv2009.0.noarch.rpm 
 932a5216281bfd4efd7a7883ca0528b3  2009.0/SRPMS/sound-scripts-0.56-1.1mdv2009.0.src.rpm