Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2011 i586 , 2011 x86_64

Problem description

This is a bugfix and maintenance update of the rosa-launcher package(s)
that addresses the following issues:

* Fixed bug with crash when launching from Welcome tab (#64674).

* Fixed group labels disappearance when new Places shortcut added

* Added contraction of the names in the Recent Documents section

* Fixed shifting of the icons when tab changed to the Welcome

* Fixed adding empty shotcuts to the Recent Applications section

* Added Drag-and-Drop mechanism for items in the results of searching.

* Ported ROSA Starter applet from Python to C++.

Updated packages

2011 i586

 9bb9be17693c63e469647005e6eca21c  2011/i586/rosa-launcher-0.32-4.1-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm 
 5d4a107a2b63174f9376d27fd6c339e8  2011/SRPMS/rosa-launcher-0.32-4.1.src.rpm

2011 x86_64

 69df8bac37161fb100c84e3a4286c222  2011/x86_64/rosa-launcher-0.32-4.1-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm 
 5d4a107a2b63174f9376d27fd6c339e8  2011/SRPMS/rosa-launcher-0.32-4.1.src.rpm