Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
2011 i586 , 2011 x86_64

Problem description

Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in python:

The _ssl module would always disable the CBC IV attack countermeasure

A race condition was found in the way the Python distutils module
set file permissions during the creation of the .pypirc file. If a
local user had access to the home directory of another user who is
running distutils, they could use this flaw to gain access to that
user's .pypirc file, which can contain usernames and passwords for
code repositories (CVE-2011-4944).

A flaw was found in the way the Python SimpleXMLRPCServer module
handled clients disconnecting prematurely. A remote attacker could
use this flaw to cause excessive CPU consumption on a server using
SimpleXMLRPCServer (CVE-2012-0845).

Hash table collisions CPU usage DoS for the embedded copy of expat

A denial of service flaw was found in the implementation of associative
arrays (dictionaries) in Python. An attacker able to supply a large
number of inputs to a Python application (such as HTTP POST request
parameters sent to a web application) that are used as keys when
inserting data into an array could trigger multiple hash function
collisions, making array operations take an excessive amount of
CPU time. To mitigate this issue, randomization has been added to
the hash function to reduce the chance of an attacker successfully
causing intentional collisions (CVE-2012-1150).

The updated packages have been patched to correct these issues.

Updated packages

2011 i586

 3a636759b5bad1fbc2d1e65d09f065e8  2011/i586/libpython2.7-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm
 9a1cca4bb94f9d48c9da77b890489137  2011/i586/libpython-devel-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm
 c6bf8a9f3f3fb4dde435d369bfde2491  2011/i586/python-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm
 3f920fd4ea52ce46d3916f03ffc6f823  2011/i586/python-docs-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm
 0ffc3a9eef594322deffa1b2dd740e85  2011/i586/tkinter-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm
 43d6123beffdcb8d96feabc291497071  2011/i586/tkinter-apps-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm 
 50475c472b29fe6be76697b642ed7339  2011/SRPMS/python-2.7.2-2.2.src.rpm

2011 x86_64

 d6734d8d3f14fa0b5992621dc41163b2  2011/x86_64/lib64python2.7-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm
 9f352fe74256c707c817257c0221307d  2011/x86_64/lib64python-devel-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm
 8d64c9235837b188c3e706e7d2ea7800  2011/x86_64/python-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm
 4b834815a0d8bac098870cc0755c63d5  2011/x86_64/python-docs-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm
 8f0d7f2fba81c33dece3d94e0c03b7d9  2011/x86_64/tkinter-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm
 0883aad29e1942356169eb3b9017e6d5  2011/x86_64/tkinter-apps-2.7.2-2.2-mdv2011.0.x86_64.rpm 
 50475c472b29fe6be76697b642ed7339  2011/SRPMS/python-2.7.2-2.2.src.rpm