Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
6.1 i586 , 6.0 i586 , 7.0 i586 , 7.1 i586

Problem description

A vulnerability exists in the screen program, version 3.9.5 and earlier. If screen is installed setuid root, a local user may gain root privilege. screen can only be exploited if it is setuid root. Linux-Mandrake does not ship screen setuid root and is therefore not vulnerable to this problem.

Updated packages

6.1 i586

 na 6.1/RPMS/na

6.0 i586

 na 6.0/RPMS/na

7.0 i586

 na 7.0/RPMS/na

7.1 i586

 na 7.1/RPMS/na