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A severe problem occurs with Diskdrake when resizing certain FAT partitions. Please upgrade to drakxtools-1.0-44mdk.i586.rpm if you want to resize FAT partition. For a new install, a new ISO image mandrake70-2.iso is available for download. For those who use the former ISO image we built a new install floppy disk that fixes the problem (cdrom.img, network.img, hd.img, pmcia.img) These images are incompatible with the new ISO image. Additionally this new installation floppy/Iso fix several bugs: - Mylex DAC 960 hardware RAID handling - auto-configuration bug for Matrox G100 (and some other very seldom used) - a few mis-autoconfiguration fix (tulip NIC) - one more kind of GeForce video card autodetected

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