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This is a list of fixes prior to June 1999. Netscape Communicator: Netscape Communicator 4.6 appears to be very unstable for many users. Please upgrade to 4.61stable if your experience such instability problems. Command line for upgrading: rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps netscape-common-4.61stable-1mdk.i586.rpm rpm -Uvh netscape-communicator-4.61stable-1mdk.i586.rpm kernel 2.2.9: 2.2.x kernel are all affected by a networking security bug. Please do not use your machine in a network environment until you update with our new kernel. Command line for upgrading: rpm -ivh kernel-2.2.9-27mdk.i586.rpm Important note: please don't forget to modify /etc/lilo.conf after upgrading, and re-run /sbin/lilo. Scsi users: please regenerate the initrd image with the command "mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.2.9-27mdk.img 2.2.9-27mdk" umount problem at shutdown time: Some users can experience a "busy partition" message at shutdown time. Solution: upgrade to initscripts-4.16-30mdk.i586.rpm and to kernel-2.2.9-27mdk.i586.rpm. An updated initscripts package is also available: rpm -Uvh initscripts-4.16-30mdk.i586.rpm rpm -ivh kernel-2.2.9-27mdk.i586.rpm Note: if you run in level 5, don't forget to set it again in /etc/inittab [just replace id:3:initdefault: by id:5:initdefault:] after initscripts upgrading! sox problems: Some users can experience some problems with sox. Please test: sox-12.15-7mdk.i586.rpm lilo: Some problems have been found when using LILO on SMP (multi-processors) machines. Please upgrade to: lilo-0.21-6mdk.i586.rpm utemper: If you use this package, please upgrade to utempter-0.5-3mdk.i586.rpm, which should solve the hanging processes problem. libIDL programs compilation problems: Please upgrade to: ORBit-0.4.3-3mdk.i586.rpm ORBit-devel-0.4.3-3mdk.i586.rpm esound problems: Please upgrade to: audiofile-0.1.7-4mdk.i586.rpm audiofile-devel-0.1.7-4mdk.i586.rpm esound-0.2.12-4mdk.i586.rpm esound-devel-0.2.12-4mdk.i586.rpm gperf not working: Please upgrade to: gperf-2.7-8mdk.i586.rpm problems with installation disks: We have put new boot images (boot.img, boot-ol.img, boot-ne.img, boot-ee.img, bootnet.img, pcmcia.img) in updates/6.0/images/. gnopad+ problems: Please upgrade to: gnotepad+-1.1.3-3mdk.i586.rpm corrupted tetex-afm package Unhappily, some CD contain a corrupted tetex-afm package. If you can't use LaTeX (or cannot print/print preview in KLyX) please install: tetex-afm-0.9-9mdk.i586.rpm from updates/.

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