Package name
Advisory ID
Affected versions
CS4.0 x86_64 , CS4.0 i586

Problem description

phpmMyAdmin fails and does core dump to /tmp when doing some
work. like: 1. Export database structure to file.sql using tab "export"
2. Move a table to another database using tab "operation"

The ssl redirection has been deactivated in this package because it
could fail under some circumstances using virtual hosts.

Additionally fixes numerous security issues.

Updated packages

CS4.0 x86_64

 f47dd73c63a067b3c0e7c685b59e0544  corporate/4.0/x86_64/phpMyAdmin- 
 3d6255be6d36abbdbb3aaf44e105bfc7  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/phpMyAdmin-

CS4.0 i586

 18a22bcbe5eda8f4bfafb751f0774efd  corporate/4.0/i586/phpMyAdmin- 
 3d6255be6d36abbdbb3aaf44e105bfc7  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/phpMyAdmin-