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Advisory ID
Affected versions
MBS1 x86_64

Problem description

Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in krb5:

Fix a kadmind denial of service issue (null pointer dereference),
which could only be triggered by an administrator with the create
privilege (CVE-2012-1013).

The MIT krb5 KDC (Key Distribution Center) daemon can free an
uninitialized pointer while processing an unusual AS-REQ, corrupting
the process heap and possibly causing the daemon to abnormally
terminate. An attacker could use this vulnerability to execute
malicious code, but exploiting frees of uninitialized pointers to
execute code is believed to be difficult. It is possible that a
legitimate client that is misconfigured in an unusual way could
trigger this vulnerability (CVE-2012-1015).

It was reported that the KDC plugin for PKINIT could dereference a
NULL pointer when a malformed packet caused processing to terminate
early, which led to a crash of the KDC process. An attacker would
require a valid PKINIT certificate or have observed a successful
PKINIT authentication to execute a successful attack. In addition,
an unauthenticated attacker could execute the attack of anonymouse
PKINIT was enabled (CVE-2013-1415).

The updated packages have been patched to correct these issues.

Updated packages

MBS1 x86_64

 9d8b7ac8e91d9e5be013737a729ed09a  mbs1/x86_64/krb5-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 4898b7bcd48c6c1ff6efcc680c406cc7  mbs1/x86_64/krb5-pkinit-openssl-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 9ef4d8be5cb6e88d6ef3952ec504273a  mbs1/x86_64/krb5-server-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 0a5bbfc25b74583e36e0ba830c7be2ab  mbs1/x86_64/krb5-server-ldap-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 eddfef15d9c336314d61787703649c56  mbs1/x86_64/krb5-workstation-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 27979548da847aaaddd150950e34da62  mbs1/x86_64/lib64krb53-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 2c7852f257638bffa72f1d52af0c3e4c  mbs1/x86_64/lib64krb53-devel-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.x86_64.rpm 
 b77e0ce1f3b8f4e9beb282cfafc333c2  mbs1/SRPMS/krb5-1.9.2-3.1.mbs1.src.rpm