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Affected versions
2008.1 x86_64 , 2008.1 i586

Problem description

This update fixes several minor issues with draksnapshot, such as
backups not being completed due to bad permissions.

A number of fixes were done to the applet as well, including
notifications showing as information instead of warnings. Draksnapshot
now no longer auto-disables after configuring, and it only pops up
if a USB disk is mounted. Finally, it now prevents showing the panel
icon before the bubble, so the latter is correctly placed.

Updated packages

2008.1 x86_64

 0cc38537a155843cade0b011d6349ad7  2008.1/x86_64/draksnapshot-0.11-1.1mdv2008.1.noarch.rpm 
 bdc4837d8b82298292578fda5111cd95  2008.1/SRPMS/draksnapshot-0.11-1.1mdv2008.1.src.rpm

2008.1 i586

 4980381164977129a2a81ca0ff84ac25  2008.1/i586/draksnapshot-0.11-1.1mdv2008.1.noarch.rpm 
 bdc4837d8b82298292578fda5111cd95  2008.1/SRPMS/draksnapshot-0.11-1.1mdv2008.1.src.rpm