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Affected versions
SNF7.2 i586

Problem description

There are two problems with updating packages on Single Network Firewall 7.2. The first is that packages are not listed on the Update Software page. The second is that on some updates, such as squid, rpm complains that /usr/bin/perl is not available and thus the updates fail. This update fixes both issues.

Updated packages

SNF7.2 i586

 2fa2f2a83b13d61c6f3db0c2ec1bdd03  snf7.2/RPMS/naat-backend-0.5-6mdk.i586.rpm
40d2bbfdd8b06c8443e4456b69f17a4f  snf7.2/RPMS/perl-5.600-18mdk.i586.rpm
b6fbf52dab65d48ffc6bd31a379f0035  snf7.2/RPMS/perl-base-5.600-18mdk.i586.rpm
31b52368f6a4024d9442bc7fa82568b7  snf7.2/RPMS/perl-devel-5.600-18mdk.i586.rpm
f1547f9cdb26be0e54d44d3f0ade1265  snf7.2/SRPMS/naat-backend-0.5-6mdk.src.rpm
c7f837a0e1833d8604b6accbcb10466d  snf7.2/SRPMS/perl-5.600-18mdk.src.rpm