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Advisory ID
Affected versions
9.1 i586 , 9.1 i586

Problem description

Corsaire discovered that a number of HTTP user agents contained a flaw in how they handle cookies. This flaw could allow an attacker to avoid the path restrictions specified by a cookie's originator. According to their advisory: "The cookie specifications detail a path argument that can be used to restrict the areas of a host that will be exposed to a cookie. By using standard traversal techniques this functionality can be subverted, potentially exposing the cookie to scrutiny and use in further attacks." This issue was fixed in KDE 3.1.3; the updated packages are patched to protect against this vulnerability.

Updated packages

9.1 i586

 7f42212e4e4198af1460865f585a15cf  ppc/9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-3.1-58.3.91mdk.ppc.rpm
d3db934d1ad9b0e9e04e9fab43b7f0c9  ppc/9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-common-3.1-58.3.91mdk.ppc.rpm
71b0d44138e874d8089298594a7e30a8  ppc/9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-devel-3.1-58.3.91mdk.ppc.rpm
318a821a280404541a929b8d3d55339e  ppc/9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-static-devel-3.1-58.3.91mdk.ppc.rpm
00230239edea7418aa01897d23f5dd07  ppc/9.1/SRPMS/kdelibs-3.1-58.3.91mdk.src.rpm

9.1 i586

 14bd813799d4891d520d1f8e7a525476  9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-3.1-58.3.91mdk.i586.rpm
924fc0bec108f94236c97d640774f8c5  9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-common-3.1-58.3.91mdk.i586.rpm
28bfd2897fb91fadcba14864c5ab85fa  9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-devel-3.1-58.3.91mdk.i586.rpm
a02c4dc06c2122241fe2e4abc77e1c67  9.1/RPMS/kdelibs-static-devel-3.1-58.3.91mdk.i586.rpm
00230239edea7418aa01897d23f5dd07  9.1/SRPMS/kdelibs-3.1-58.3.91mdk.src.rpm