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Advisory ID
Affected versions
MBS1 x86_64

Problem description

Updated python packages fix security vulnerabilities:

A race condition was found in the way the Python distutils module
set file permissions during the creation of the .pypirc file. If a
local user had access to the home directory of another user who is
running distutils, they could use this flaw to gain access to that
user's .pypirc file, which can contain usernames and passwords for
code repositories (CVE-2011-4944).

Additionally, python has been built against the system expat and
ffi libraries, to avoid any future issues with those (mitigates
CVE-2012-0876 for expat).

Updated packages

MBS1 x86_64

 b881c50649d40cd289121dcb9096a0ce  mbs1/x86_64/lib64python2.7-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 a6f9acad83631a08138a5625d293053a  mbs1/x86_64/lib64python-devel-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 6ac2a0c1a3ad370e86d8254f2d9bef46  mbs1/x86_64/python-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 65d2e7117491b520c81f5caf2641839a  mbs1/x86_64/python-docs-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.noarch.rpm
 e2e6a3dc44a5010a21455142d0e27eac  mbs1/x86_64/tkinter-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.x86_64.rpm
 831aa6af3b0dfaad7811e35ef3174823  mbs1/x86_64/tkinter-apps-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.x86_64.rpm 
 1a2d2c13cef451bf074a259004e7280f  mbs1/SRPMS/python-2.7.3-4.3.mbs1.src.rpm